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La Marina Villas Costa Blanca South

La Marina Villas Costa Blanca South
only 230,000 Euros
(208,035 GBP)

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Inland of the Costa de la Luz on the south coast of Spain is the province and city of Seville, which has grown from the Roman colony of Hispalis into a thriving and beautiful destination. Seville This part of Andalucia has a population of nearly two million residents in five thousand square miles, with a third of them residing in the city. The monuments, castles and remains testify to its long history with Romans, Moors and various different medieval kingdoms at one time or another in control of the area.

There are over five hundred hotels in the Seville Province providing plenty of accommodation choices for the millions of visitors that come for their vacation or maybe a weekend break in the city. For tourists wanting more room or cooking facilities holiday rentals should be considered in an apartment or villa which are available in many places.

Besides the historic attractions such as towers, cathedrals, palaces, museums and gardens, more up to date entertainment is on offer like amusement parks, aqua parks and even the football club. Getting there is relatively easy using the Seville International Airport where flights from most other major cities are landing every week directly or via Madrid, with prices more competitive than ever. The climate in Seville is excellent, spring through to autumn has many cloudless days and long hot days making outdoor life very pleasant indeed, even in January the average maximum temperature is about sixteen degrees.

Touring around Seville in your own vehicle (check out car hire) is a good way of exploring the many wonderful national parks and reserves, tiny white-washed villages where time seems to have stopped still and you can buy some refreshments from little family run bars or restaurants and sit outside under a parasol enjoying the vistas for a relaxing stop.
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