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La Marina Villas Costa Blanca South

La Marina Villas Costa Blanca South
only 230,000 Euros
(208,035 GBP)

Property For Sale in Cordoba

Shortcuts to properties for sale in the towns and resorts of Cordoba are located below here. Real estate for sale in the region of Cordoba, Spain with constantly updated properties. Our huge network of real estate agents and owners offer these properties for sale in Cordoba, You can also list your real estate here.

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The Province of Cordoba is in Southern Spain and inland from the Costa del Sol is part of Andalucia and is relatively sparsely populated with only about 800,000 residents. With no coastline it still has plenty of other attractions to entice the foreign visitor with over 5000 square miles to explore of beautiful countryside and it has the Embalse de Iznajar, a huge man-made lake with angling, sailing and other sports. Once a Roman province and later Moorish rulers, historical influences can be seen everywhere.Cordoba

The are has reasonable bus an train communications but lacks a big international airport, so if you wish to fly there you might want to try the flights into Malaga or Seville. The climate in Cordoba is perfect for sun lovers, that is very hot in the summer, with temperatures regularly hitting 37 centigrade (that's about 100 Fahrenheit in old money!) or higher and short mild winters, so consider the time of year you wish to visit carefully.

The main attractions of the cities including Cordoba will be found on our town pages for convenience and not to repeat ourselves. Generally the countryside is given over to farmland on rolling hills right up to the mountain range of the Sierra Subbetica, dotted with delightful towns and villages where you will find welcome refreshment in the various friendly hostelries. If you plan to stay in a hotel you might want to book ahead in the peak periods and bank holidays (of which there are many) although in most cases finding accommodation shouldn't be a problem.

If you intend to explore this breathtaking area, a car is essential for your families comfort, theses can be hired from all the major airports and rail stations easily at very reasonable rates for days or weeks as long as you book well in advance of your journey via the internet, local car hire tends to be much more expensive. Other family attractions and sports facilities are found in Cordoba, many well worth a visit, including a water park, museums, nature reserves, golf courses, plus ancient Roman and Moorish monuments, mostly located in the bigger cities and towns, but varied enough to find fun for your whole party.

If you can time your visit to coincide with one of the local fiestas they are a must see to join in with the festivities in a fantastic part atmosphere, often city breaks can be arranged specifically around various festivals, for a holiday packed with entertainment and culture. Not forgetting experiencing the wonderful cuisine in this part of Spain in the many restaurants found everywhere in town and country and what could be nicer than dining outside on a glorious evening after a long hot day trekking around.
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