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La Marina Villas Costa Blanca South

La Marina Villas Costa Blanca South
only 230,000 Euros
(208,035 GBP)

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As a tourist destination in Europe there a few bigger than Spanish Island of Tenerife located in the Atlantic Ocean off the west coast of Africa. It is the biggest in terms of land mass, just under 800 square miles, of the Canary Islands as well as having more permanent residents with a million people.Tenerife Most of the population reside in working towns or pure holiday resorts around the long coast, with the interior dominated by the towering volcano, Mount Teide.

Tenerife accommodation is considerable with every beach having its fair share of hotels, in fact there are roughly five hundred and fifty hotels, and aparthotels all competing for the visitors euros. Lodging in apartments is profuse as well for families wanting more space and a kitchen for self-catering holiday rentals, mostly built with attractive swimming pools for the guests.

The north of the island tends to be cloudier than the south where many of the newer resorts have been constructed in near desert conditions to take advantage of the never ending cloudless days. Attractions are rife, both the custom built tourist versions and the natural beauty spots, found all over Tenerife, a trip up to the peak of the mighty Mt Teide has to be a highlight not to be missed to see the panorama of the island from twelve thousand feet above the sea level just a few miles away.

Bus tours to many of the attractions can be booked from many hotel front desks, or if you want to drive yourself consider car hire, which is very cheap as you cannot drive very far can you! Getting there is easy in these days of cheap international travel with a profuse number of flights landing every week of the year from most of the larger European airports and landing at Sur Reina Sofia in the south of the island. Real estate opportunities on Tenerife are mostly in apartment (condo) complexes although some villas and houses are for sale at good prices, which can be rented out when you don't need it for your own use.
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