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La Marina Villas Costa Blanca South

La Marina Villas Costa Blanca South
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La Palma
One of the smaller "Isla Canarias" with a land mass of just 270 square miles and a population of only ninety thousand residents, La Palma is still a bustling tourist destination. Of volcanic origins this is the furthest north west of the Spanish Canary Islands, yet still enjoys a fantastic climate as one would expect in its situation approximately 100 miles from the Moroccan Coast, extremely warm pleasant winters, hot springs and autumns, plus scorching summers combine to make it a travel destination 365 days of the year, after all, what could be nicer than spending Christmas in the sun?La Palma

The island is dominated by the volcano and mountains which can be snow covered in winter, yet you can still sunbathe on the beach a few miles away. The interior is an attraction in itself with tours popular to the various national parks, craters and spectacular valleys. Visitors arrive via either the ferries from the mainland or to Santa Cruz de La Palma Airport (SPC), with a fairly limited availability compared to the bigger islands, flights should be booked well in advance to prevent disappointment or if your dates are inflexible.

There are only just under ninety hotels on La Palma, enough to be varied, but not too many to spoil this beautiful island, they are generally targeted at the family trade so compare a few to find your own type and price range. Holiday rentals can be booked direct, although few in number both villas, casitas and apartments can be found.

The island of La Palma is home to about a dozen observatories perched on the mountain tops, so you know you'll get clear blue skies to enjoy your stay. If you don't intend to take organised tours in coaches, car hire can arranged and if required collected direct from the Santa Cruz de La Palma terminal.
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