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The property for sale in the Costa Brava region has been split for your convenience into smaller sections, so please choose from the nearest towns or cities listed below to view the real estate on offer in each district. Further sub-divisions will then be located on nearby villages, municipalities or communities and suburbs to narrow your search. The different Costa Brava property types including number of bedrooms, building style are also further divided to speed your quest still further.

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La Marina Villas Costa Blanca South

La Marina Villas Costa Blanca South
only 230,000 Euros
(208,035 GBP)

Property For Sale in Costa Brava

Shortcuts to properties for sale in the towns and resorts of Costa Brava are located below here. Real estate for sale in the region of Costa Brava, Spain with constantly updated properties. Our huge network of real estate agents and owners offer these properties for sale in Costa Brava, You can also list your real estate here.

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Costa Brava
This is our section on the most northerly coast of Spain, the Costa Brava named from the rugged features of hills, cliffs and coves ie the "Rugged Coast". Being the first part of Spain tourists arrive in after a long drive through France it naturally has developed a following from tourists making their own way there. Costa Brava With the wild beauty of the coastline why drive any further, the weather is idyllic spring through summer to autumn, fine beaches, friendly people, fantastic accommodation in hotels, camp sites, apartments, villas or holiday rentals, persuades many visitors that here is the place to stay.

Being the seaboard of Girona Province, it stretches from the French border to Calella, with lots of famous resort towns in between giving a wide choice to the travellers. Please see each town page for more details of every locality. Perhaps less of a winter vacation destination than the south coast of Spain, as the Costa Brava can be very cold and quite wet during the winter months.

Many of the smaller towns have retained that traditional look of old Spanish fishing villages, where as some of the bigger holiday towns are full of modern buildings, hotels and apartment blocks all developed from the sixties onwards as tourism expanded into the major industry it is today.

Air travel and especially the huge increase in flights from the booming budget airlines into Girona airport, has further expanded the opportunities for short breaks and visiting your own holiday home often, being 25 miles from the coast if you plan to do any touring on your stay car hire would probably be an asset, although airport transfers can of course be arranged.

The attractions every family would expect can be located at least somewhere along the coast such as aqua or water parks, historical sites, amusement parks, natural parks, historic sites (castles, churches, archaeological sites) and numerous water sports from just about all the larger beaches and marinas. Properties for sale along the Costa Brava are mostly high quality and represent all price ranges to suit all budgets, if you don't see what you want email a local agent and let them find it for you.
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