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The property for sale in the Barcelona region has been split for your convenience into smaller sections, so please choose from the nearest towns or cities listed below to view the real estate on offer in each district. Further sub-divisions will then be located on nearby villages, municipalities or communities and suburbs to narrow your search. The different Barcelona property types including number of bedrooms, building style are also further divided to speed your quest still further.

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La Marina Villas Costa Blanca South

La Marina Villas Costa Blanca South
only 230,000 Euros
(208,035 GBP)

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The area covered by this page doesn't just cover the city of Barcelona, we've taken the liberty of including many towns within about a 30 mile radius for your convenience. This part of Catalonia has long been a favourite for holidays, especially with foreign visitors arriving by car from the north as it's a fairly easy drive (only seventy five miles) from the border.BarcelonaThis is one of the most prosperous areas of Spain, in actual fact it is one of the wealthiest places in Europe. Unlike some of the cities of the south, Barcelona has a large industrial, manufacturing sector, including cars, chemicals and the renowned fashion trade.

Tourism is obviously another important sector with the city alone being the most visited in Spain. As a base for a vacation it couldn't be beaten, if you take a look at the map, the surrounding area is full of interesting towns to visit and if you want to go a little further a field there is even Andorra a few hours away. More details about the resorts will be found on the individual pages for your information.

Whilst the popularity of owning a home in the sun here is not as prevalent as in some of the southern coasts of Spain, there is certainly a good choice of properties for your perusal, whether in the city, a coastal or inland village.

Flights to the El Prat International airport are plentiful with a good mix of budget or major scheduled airlines servicing the region from all points of the compass, with planes landing continuously during the peak periods. A little further north, the smaller Girona airport is a base for more budget airlines which gives you some more options. The climate of Barcelona is quite delightful in spring and autumn, with scorching temperatures in the summer, but if you are considering a winter break here, be warned it can be extremely cold.

For those of you hoping to practise your school Spanish, you might struggle sometimes as Catalan is widely spoken. If you're arriving by plane or train, and are staying outside of the city, or want to tour around the area, you may wish to hire a car, which is very easy nowadays and choices of cars and suppliers are abundant for you to consider, giving you more freedom to travel about, although it's probably un-necessary if you're on a short break to the city proper. There are plenty of attractions to see in and around Barcelona, both historical and modern, for adults or children, everything one would expect in a tourist resort to cater for millions of visitors, plus the famous beaches of course, along the warm Mediterranean sea.

A visit to the area wouldn't be complete (for the ladies especially) without a shopping trip to see the boutiques or maybe an outdoor market, stopping frequently in one of the many pavement bars or restaurants from some refreshments, you won't be disappointed! Accommodation is plentiful with either a nice hotel which come in all star ratings or a holiday rental with its own pool.
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